The bunnyhouse

Some years ago i had my husband build this bunnyhouse for our daughter. He isn’t a carpenter, but I still think he did an amazing job. And kept it simple. Ive had lots of questions from my readers on how we made it…

So i’ll try to give a more thorough description here.

We started out with an old kitchen kabinet. I don’t have a picture of the one we used, but I’ve found a similar one using google:

This kabinet is similar to the one we used for the bunnyhouse.

So really, what we did was just to add the walls to create the rooms. We had cut doors into the separating walls before we put them in. And then we put a roof on the furniture. The roof was a little trickier (remember we are amateurs). But we cut the two roof pieces in the length we wanted, cut the two sides, that meets on the top of the roof, in angle. We attached the roof to the house with hinges. And nailed the two roof pieces together. All the places where the wood was connected/has screws/was nailed together we made smooth-looking with wood filler. And in the end we sanded it all and painted it.

Took some time but it was simple. We didn’t put a backwall in the space created underneath the roof. And that’s something I’d like to do. We keep loosing toys behind the furniture cause they fall down.

I hope this discription can help some of you to make your own house for your Maileg bunnies. Don’t hesitate if you’ve got questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.