Mom’s Group: Morality

My daughter and I are a part of this mothersgroup. It’s so great to meet up and talk to other mothers about more than just the physical wellbeing of our children… Diaper types, baby fashion and good toys are good things to talk about. But how we act as parents is so much more important. This last discussion we had, was about how to help the children know right from wrong.

For She Loved Much

I’m sure we can all agree that morals are important. But which ones do we decide to focus on, especially when raising small kids who can only take in so much?

Every week we have a discussion during the day, as young mom’s, about different topics regarding child-raising, marriage and keeping our sanity. This format works well for mom’s in the Nordics because of the cultural focus of family. Most mothers and fathers can take advantage of generous time with their kids when they are first born.

The format is very relaxed because we have many kids with us as we discuss. We keep the discussion to about 5 minutes and then have activities for the kids.

This week I asked the following question:

How do people decide what is right and wrong?

What type of morals should we stress as parents?

I think the following scripture gives us a…

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